In 2017, the company established under the name:

"VALASSA VALSAMO Single-Person Private Capital Company", and the distinctive title "4B", in accordance with the provisions of Law 4072/2012.

The company is staffed by scientists, distinguished for their work, offering in Greece and abroad, as they speak and write in English, French, German, Italian.

The basic features of the idea of ​​foundation are our scientific knowledge, our long experience, the love for design, which ensure the efficiency of our customers` pursuits in the services we provide:

  • architectural activities of private and public works - designs - projects - scripts
  • architectural - technical advice
  • spatial, urban and regulatory projects
  • construction of private projects, public works & private & public sector projects
  • sales & real estate brokerage
  • support for enterprises - individuals in developmental Europe - national subsidy programs - grants

The company cooperates with natural and legal persons inside and outside Greece and engages in business activities that are relevant to its aims while supporting the applications it creates for its customers after the completion of the projects and services.